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It's tough to engage people's full attention in a webinar. Unless you can hold their attention, they can multitask by doing email, surfing the web, working on projects, or anything else. How do you get their full attention so they will retain your message?

A webinar game is a fun solution!

The interaction of a webinar game increases engagement and participation. And when the game has the key points of your message embedded in it, then you have a memorable way to reinforce your points.

How to use a webinar game in your next webinar:

  1. Get Game Show Presenter software, which creates a fun, TV-style game show based on your topic. Enter some quiz questions that pertain to your topic.
  2. For game setup, choose for there to be just 1 player. This way, your entire webinar audience is like a single team working to answer the game questions. And you eliminate the need for any kind of game show buzzers.
  3. Using GoToMeetings or a similar screensharing webinar tool, share your screen as you play the game show for your webinar audience.
  4. Here are two different ideas for how people can interact with the webinar game:
    A) You could tell all your participants to type their quiz answer into the chat feature of your webinar software. This way many people can respond to every question. The chat response has the extra benefit that most webinar programs let you save the chat session, so you have a written record of who gave what answer.
    B) For a different way to handle response to the game, you call on different individuals in your audience to answer various questions. This creates a little more tension for people in the audience because they could be called upon at any time, but that bit of pressure is sure to motivate them to pay more attention. You can make this method even more fun by setting up your questions in a "Categories" style game board, like "Jeopardy." That way, you can call on individuals and let them choose the category of the question they get to answer. This makes the game even more interactive.
  5. How do you input the audience answers? If a participant gives a correct answer, press the "r" key in the game show software. If the participant gives a wrong answer, type the "w" key in the game show program. (For multiple choice questions, you can also type in the key for the answer chosen: "a" through "e".
  6. Give your participants an incentive: If your players are responding to the game questions through the chat system in your meeting software, then you'll have a record of everyone's answers to the game. So an easy way to motivate people's involvement and attention is to say, for everyone who answers at least 1 question correctly, you will offer them some kind of reward. The reward or prize is completely up to you! If you are doing a webinar for marketing purposes, the reward can be a discount or premium item related to your marketing goal.

The game show contains music, animation and your challenging questions! It's a great way to make your message memorable and reward people with fun for paying attention! And you can also use the program to enhance your live, in-person presentations.

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